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Flemish in the North kick out the garage rock jams on “Snow Crocs”.

Flemish in the North - Snow Crocs

Flemish in the North kick out the garage rock jams on “Snow Crocs”. This is a fun song, the sort of thing that deserves to be played as loudly as possible. With a playful disposition setting things up the many layers intermingle to create a gorgeous work. Everything here feels fantastic in a truly full-bodied fashion. Vocals swim through the din helping to add to the hazy, disoriented spirit of the sound. Over the course of the journey, they double-down on this sense of chaos with the piece virtually ready to burst at the seams.

Thick chords introduce the song, muzzled in so much fuzz. From there they set things off allowing an entire journey to take shape. Nods to garage-rock revivalists like Thees Oh Sees certainly play an important part in the overall sense of oddity that takes form. Instrumentally they have everything covered in thick layers of grime, with the low fidelity aspect of the recording itself being an inspired choice. Reiterations of the groove bring it out of the murk, at least somewhat, as things gradually come into focus. By ensuring that every single element matters in its minimal hue, the piece feels outright joyous in its delivery. A sense of tension emerges with the band attempting to get out of this sense of heaviness and occasionally even succeeding before slowly melting away.

“Snow Crocs” feature a nice, dirty grunge sound one that shows off Flemish in the North’s uncanny ability to infectious grooves even underneath all the noise.



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