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Hybrid Kid crafts a sound full of mystery, one that feels absolutely timeless.

Hybrid Kid – 123

Hybrid Kid goes for a taut, angular post-punk on the playful “123”. With strong nods to David Bryne’s Talking Heads, there is a great nervous energy about it. Lyrics too hint at a sort of exploratory environment, trying to take it all in. Volume is a must for theirs is a force of nature, full of fury. Guitars ring through with such infectious riffs that help to underpin the thing. The vocalist yelps on through with a tremendous degree of passion. None of this would be possible without the deft rhythm section which draws heavily from late 70s/early 80s greats like Television, for the way they let the tempo evolve gives it a hypnotic quality.

Nor do they waste a moment for they waste no time in getting the sound fully established. Layer upon layer enters into the fray giving the track a Byzantine flavor to it, allowing every single gesture to reverberate in a way that feels truly beautiful. Distorted guitar run on through and their ear for melody proves to be unparalleled. Really, the vocalist does a perfect job, the sort of cherry on top of the already impressive atmosphere. One of the most surprising things is how they let the piece grow. Quite busy even in the beginning, they keep on letting it all elaborate on the theme until the finale where a bit of noir comes into the fray.

“123” proves to be a beguiling piece, for Hybrid Kid crafts a sound full of mystery, one that feels absolutely timeless.



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