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Jess Jessica invokes an arena-filling sound on the expansive “Coming Up”.

Jess Jessica - Coming Up

Jess Jessica invokes an arena-filling sound on the expansive “Coming Up”. Everything here works wonders. Her attention to detail and most importantly, build-up, feels doubly refreshing. Never overstaying her welcome the song goes deep into the red of things. Distortion reigns supreme for there is a pop sensibility that she brings to the world of dance. Riffs have a simple yet effective kick to them. Production proves essential for every single gesture is carefully considered. Akin to a dance track under a microscope the smallest of details matter, with every handclap further adding to the infectious energy of the entire work.

Beats anchor the whole thing as there is a decadence to be found within the adventure. The hits of the hollowed drums prove to be absolutely giddy with the rest of the sound following closely along. From that small introduction the groove becomes almost locked at times while it messes with listener expectations, virtually bouncing off the walls. Various pieces become virtual shrapnel, as their initial large sounds are gradually whittled into almost nothingness. Like breathing, the in and out of the massive sound helps to give it a living quality to all of it. For the final stretch she lets it loose as the beats becomes double in size, the sort that crush absolutely everything in their path all the way to the very last moment.

“Coming Up” revels in the exquisite delivery of Jess Jessica as she creates an entire narrative all without needing to say a single word.



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