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Kid Kin creates a narrative all without saying a single word on the soothing “Under A Cloud Of Fret”

Kid Kin - Under A Cloud Of Fret

Kid Kin creates a narrative all without saying a single word on the soothing “Under A Cloud Of Fret”. The glowing textures of the song work wonders for it draws the listener into a fantastic atmosphere. Production here has a polished perfection to it, for it washes over the listener in a way that feels soothing. With the peacefulness it is easy to meditate on its careful cadence. With the cyclical approach of the track the whole of it comes on through which builds and builds. Such fantastic delicacy adds to the kindness of the piece, as the song feels outright gorgeous.

Lovely, lilting keyboards open the piece. Great tenderness radiates so much within the entirety of the piece. The rhythms further add to the piece, as the cycles have a natural quality to them. Over the course of the piece the song brings up ever greater textural elements into the surroundings. Quiet at first the growth of the volume improves with each reiteration. Done with a subtle touch, the way that the details filter into the fray and finally rush on up adds to the power of it. Such a grandeur to it, the majesty of the track embodies the joy that comes from self-realization. Yet the finale of the work is what adds to its intensity, as the burst of color that blooms at the finish swirls about in a dreamy swirl.

“Under A Cloud Of Fret” shows off Kid Kin’s beauty in exploring a singular melody, allowing it to evolve in a way that feels quite natural.



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