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Michael Donoghue explores a fantastic, early 90s house style with “Landing”.

Michael Donoghue – Landing

Michael Donoghue explores a fantastic, early 90s house style with “Landing”. The classic cadence of the work does draw favorable comparisons to the Second Summer of Love in the UK, for there is that same spirit to it. Full of optimism, the easy highlight of the track comes from the patient, persistent build. References abound, from LFO’s Frequencies all the way towards the poppy side of Gescom. Sonically it has a richness to it that stems from this attention to detail, for the intermingling patterns result in a trance-like state that crests about halfway through the piece. Beyond the dancefloor, the ambient washes serve to be a nice touch further adding to the distinct nature of the sonic geometry.

The beats are the first part. Indeed, they are the essential anchor, the core of the track. From there Michael brings in a multitude of different sounds, ones that have a yellowed nostalgic cadence to them. Rather than go for a sleek sound, he explores the soul of electronica, remaining rather respect. No cheap tricks he has a razor-sharp focus that feels doubly refreshing. Within the piece there is an intimacy, one that celebrates the sweaty throbbing dancefloor in a way that is an absolute joy. Volume needs to be blasted for this is one of those pure blissful works, a thing that has a beauty all to it.

“Landing” shows off Michael Donoghue’s deft skill for layering sounds on top of each other, serving as a navigator traveling through a vast sea of sound.



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