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Moon Walker embraces an acid-fried weirdness on the retro stylings of “The TV Made Me Do It”.

Moon Walker - The TV Made Me Do It

Moon Walker embraces an acid-fried weirdness on the retro stylings of the infinitely funky garage rock of “The TV Made Me Do It”. Beyond this anchoring, there are bits of dub, psychedelic rock, and a whole slew of other genres into the mix. His voice has a haunted quality to it, nicely merging with the tortured quality of the guitar work. Rhythms here have a glee about them for they hold absolutely nothing back. A go for broke mentality defines the piece, framing it in such a chaotic way. Volume is a must in order to truly experience the track’s very essence.

Right from moment one, they set things in motion immediately. Bass has a lot of carrying to do in this track and it does it well, working overtime to make sure that the unusual time signature has a propulsive energy. Vocals here are delivered with the right amount of fire and thoughtfulness. Lyrics take apart the modern moment, dissecting it piece by piece. Over the course of the work the song itself seems to lose its own sanity, going deeper and deeper down into rabbit holes. A sort of interesting take on 1960s paranoia, but instead focused on the originators of that paranoia and their intense influence on the world at large, a world that appears to be bursting at the seams.

“The TV Made Me Do It” shows off the delightful skill of Moon Walker in delving into the modern zeitgeist in a way that feels so joyous.



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