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Paul Farrin doubles down on the wild party energy with “Tightest (feat. Miss Ling)”.

Paul Farrin - Tightest (feat. Miss Ling)

Paul Farrin doubles down on the wild party energy with “Tightest (feat. Miss Ling)”. Best heard at the loudest possible volume, theirs is the sort of sound that deserves to be bounced off walls. The propulsive, giddy, and inviting good vibes that the track radiates hark back to early house. Right down to the very cadence and texture of the sound they make sure it all works wonders. With a deep house style, they sidestep trends for something much more timeless. Her vocals too have a seductiveness to them, sultry yet commanding at the very same time. A duality of sorts the whole of the experience is a pure joy to behold.

Nor do they waste even a moment for they dive headfirst into the groove with complete abandon. The layering of the sound is a majestic thing to experience for they truly let it all build up in a way that has a living, breathing aspect to it. Beats hit with distinct buoyancy for they at times bring to mind some of LFO’s earliest work. A physical presence both in the hard of the bass as well as the sheer sharpness of her lyricism adds to the poignancy. They never let up either for this is a full-on four to the floor take, one that delivers what dance music truly means, connecting and respecting the history that came before it.

“Tightest (feat. Miss Ling)” revels in the little bit of bliss that Paul Farrin sculpts with the greatest of ease.



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