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Remi Charles lands on the tasteful side of dubstep with the luxurious sound of “Hush”.

Remi Charles – Hush

Remi Charles lands on the tasteful side of dubstep with the luxurious sound of “Hush”. Merging together elements of hip-hop, pop, R&B, and the aforementioned dubstep there is a lushness to the production. Everything here has a smoothness to it sounding like silk. Nods to James Blake’s output appear unavoidable, as they move in their own time. Carefully they embody a futuristic soulfulness, one that also is tied to the blues’ roots while pulling that style forward into the present. The melodies waft on through simple, memorable, and lovely. Vocals rest above it all in a way that gives the work a clear-eyed focus to it one that feels doubly refreshing.

Mere wisps of sound start things out. From there the rest of the song comes into focus. Patience is a virtue and one that Remi appears wedded to, as the pacing is perfection. Little details gradually emerge out of the shadowy, noir-like cadence of each tone. Within every single little slip of sound, the song begins to gradually expand. A communal quality befalls the whole of the work for it blooms in a colorful, buoyant way. Patterns emerge out of this initial spark as the rest of the track becomes ever more confident in its demeanor. For the final stretch they let loose ever so slightly, a resolution of sorts from that beginning tension.

“Hush” features the often ignored side of dubstep, the elegance it is capable of, and proves Remi Charles to be a true master of his craft.



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